Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The Collector's Contest
Check out the Contest information at
and answer the questions listed there to be entered in a drawing to win:
Prizes include:
> Scarves and massage oils offered by Mechele Armstrong (The Collector: Magical Chances)
> A miniature perfume flacon offered by Jeanne Barrack (The Collector: The Crystal Flacon)
> Handmade beadwork earrings offered by A.J. Matthews (The Collector: Cauldron)
> A pair of sterling silver octopus earrings offered Ally Blue (The Collector: Eight Arms to Hold You)
> "Pirate Booty" offered by Lucynda Storey (The Collector: This Time Forever)
> Original music playlist soundtrack offered by Diane Charles Linford (The Collector: The Onyx Palace (working title)
And much more!!!
Email your answers, name and email address to before midnight EST, March 31, 2007, with THE COLLECTOR'S CONTEST on the subject line.Note: One entry per person. You must be 18 or older to enter. One winner will be chosen randomly from those who answer the questions correctly by the deadline (midnight EST on March 31, 2007). "Audra Phelan" will contact the winner for a mailing address.
The Collector series - a journey to magic and romance
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The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon

I am so thrilled to announce that "The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon" is available now from Loose Id publishers at

Here's the blurb:

Abby Foster, owner of Nannies, International, has been commissioned by the secretive Collector to obtain the Crystal Flacon, believed to have been in the possession of the infamous Lucrezia Borgia and to contain a magical aphrodisiac. But why should a nanny be set such a task? Seems Abby has secrets of her own. She also runs Finding Justice, an organization dedicated to returning art and other treasures lost during WWII to their rightful owners. With the specialized skills she's gained, getting the Flacon should be easy. She isn't counting on channeling Lucrezia through visions and dreams or falling for Antonio, duke d'Este, the present day owner of the Flacon.Antonio d'Este, the direct descendent of Lucrezia Borgia, is a modern man with modern problems. A recent widower, he needs a nanny to take care of his five year old daughter while he prepares for the launching of "Lucrezia", the new scent for Borgia, the family-owned perfumery. Inspired by the stunning Crystal Flacon, Antonio focuses everything on making "Lucrezia" a success. He has no time for the distraction posed by the beautiful nanny or the strange effect making love with her has on him.When someone attacks the perfumery, destroying property, disrupting projects in an attempt to ruin the company and killing innocent people, they both need a change of plans. Together, using Abby's skills honed while working for Finding Justice, they must find the saboteur, before everything they love is lost.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's A New Year!

A lot has happened in my life, both professional and personal this past year. Since this is a new year, I'd rather concentrate on the good stuff.

First, "A Song of the Sidhe" was nominated for the Romance Studio's CAPA award for the best Erotic Fantasy romance! I am so thrilled about this! The category is small and I am the only nominee in it from Loose Id. I'm up against some big guns, too. Whatever the outcome, it was an honor to be nominated.
This month my sixth novel from Loose Id comes out.
"The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon" is part of a multi-author series about the mysterious Collector and his quest to claim all the pieces of a love totem. My story was inspired by the much-maligned Lucrezia Borgia. In real life, she was beloved of her husband, Alfonso, Duke d'Este and the people of Ferrara, Italy where she spent the happiest years of her life.
I'm looking forward to this year -- who know what surprises await me!