Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Babes in Toyland: II - Dave Harris interviewed

Well, seems Dave Harris, the hot NYC detective in "The Game", my story in the BIT:II anthology,

was interviewed by Michelle.

He didn't know what he was getting himself into!
Here's what went down taken from Michelle's notes.


After Kayleigh left I told Tina she didn’t have to continue wearing the elf costume. I couldn’t resist adding that if she kept misbehaving she’d be back to wearing it before too long.

Tina brought me a cup of hot chocolate and winked before she spun around to answer the door. Her docile behavior worried me more than my next interview.


I almost choke on my hot chocolate. Dave Harris’s sudden appearance catches me off guard. I quickly set my cup down and greet my guest. Dave’s good looks throw me for a loop. Six foot two, curly, short brown hair and eyes Paul Newman blue. And wearing a gold detective’s shield on his jacket pocket. I start to drool.

“Thank you for joining me tonight.” I put down my file and pick up my notepad and pen.

“Hey, when the captain called to tell me you had a lead on the sex club murder I was investigating, I had to come.” He laughs, his voice rich and seductive.

I wriggle on my chair. “I hope you don’t mind if I take notes this way. The last time I used a tape recorder there were…difficulties.”

He laughs again. I’m in trouble. “Honey, I feel for you. Here’s what I use.” He pulls out a small notebook. “I can barely access my voice mail.”

“Thanks.” I smile and try to remind myself he’s off limits. “Are you ready to get started? Can I offer you some refreshments? Food and beverage, name your desire and my super-efficient helper Tina will be delighted to bring it.” I ignore Tina’s glare—it’s getting old—and smile at my guest.

“Wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee. Black, two sugars. Anything tastes better than the swill they serve down at the station.

After Dave settled into his chair, I raised my pen and smiled. “What are you?”

“New Yorker born and bred. Well, from Brooklyn to be accurate. Only son of Jake and Molly Harris. I played center in High School. Single,” He looks at me in a way that makes my wavering defenses crumble, “Still looking, well, looking but nothing more than that. I always appreciate a good-looking woman.” How can any woman resist that heated playful look?

“So what do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?”

“I’m a cop. I work vice and I deal with murderers and pimps and the dregs of the city. I got my detective’s shield five years ago. Do I enjoy it?” He laughs again and shakes his head. The man is too potent. I move in my seat again. “I enjoy putting away scumbags. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction to know I’ve made the streets safer for my neighbors. Yeah, I guess I do enjoy it.”

“I love cops.” As soon as I blurt it out I blush and bury my face in my notebook. “I mean—ah—your work is much appreciated. What do you do for fun?”

Dave winks and I try not to swoon. “Baby, I really can’t tell you what I do for fun. But I do enjoy playing games.” He leans closer and takes my hand, playing with my fingers. “With anybody.”

“Well, shit.” I blush again and try to decide if I should tug my hand free or not. His smile is devastating, and I don’t want to embarrass myself. “Do you have any hobbies or interesting information about yourself you’d like to share?”

“Well, I’m into basketball. Friendly game every week with the guys in homicide. I have a room mate, best friend from High School.” His deep chuckle rumbles through me, and I try not to shiver. No doubt he felt it anyway as he was still playing with my fingers. The man was hot like fire! “We’re kinda like “The Odd Couple” -- he’s Felix, you know, neat freak, irons his underwear. Me, I’m Oscar, sort of a slob, love sports. Frankie takes care of me. We have season tickets to the Knicks. “

“It’s a good way to stay in shape too.” He smiles and I give up pretending I’m immune to him. I clear my throat, tug my hand free and fan myself. I’m supposed to be taking notes. “What are your plans for this holiday season? Which holidays do you celebrate, if any, and how do you celebrate them?”

“Well, I’m taking my girlfriend home to meet my folks. She’s never been to a Jewish household during Chanukah. My mother is going to be happy she has someone to fatten up. Latkes - potato pancakes - she makes so many of them she packs ‘em up for me to take back to my apartment. My cousins and their kids celebrate with us and the kids play Dreidle.” He chuckles again as I curse inwardly. Of course he’s taken. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! “The last time I played that game, it was sure different!”

“So about your girlfriend, what’s her name?”

“Shari Nelson.”

“Can you tell us about her?”

“Shari? She’s a redhead, sexy as hell. Adventurous, smart, talented. Did I say, sexy?” He gives a wicked laugh that should be considered a lethal weapon. “We’ve only been together a short time, but it’s been the most intense relationship in my life. There are hidden depths to her that intrigue me. We’ve just begun to know each other. We’re planning a weekend away before the holiday. She may just be the one.”

“Most would consider you lucky to have a catch like that. I hope you two have a good time. I’d like to ask you more about the way you play Dreidle, but Tina is making slashing gestures across her throat.” I blush as he laughs again. “What are your goals for the rest of the year?”

“Doing my job the best way I can. Putting away the POS - that’s “pieces of s***” that dirty up the streets. And maybe making my relationship with Shari permanent. But that last, I don’t know. There’s a lot about her I haven’t learned yet. And, crap, there’s a lot about myself I don’t know.”

“Perhaps this trip is just what you two need. To figure things out, that is. Thank you so much for joining me tonight. I really enjoyed getting to know you.” I hope he doesn’t realize HOW much I enjoyed this interview.

He laughs and takes my hand again and kisses it. “Wanna come up to the cabin with me and Shari? We could get to know each other even more. Somehow I don’t think Shari would mind.” He leers playfully. “I know I wouldn’t.”

I’m about to put down my notebook and agree when Tina comes over and puts her hand on my shoulder. “She’d love to, Dave, but she has several more interviews to conduct before the release. You know how it is, business before pleasure.”

"Well, you didn't have anything new on that murder case, but hell, I needed a break from interviewing hookers." He nods and winks before he saunters out of the room. I can’t muster the words to respond as I watch his fine ass.

“You better get ready for your next guest.” Tina pats my back and picks up the dirty dishes.

I sigh and reach for the next folder. She’s right. Unfortunately.

Dave from The Game by Jeanne Barrack

"Babes in Toyland: II"

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cover for Babes in Toyland II

I just got the cover for the Aspen Mountain Press Holiday anthology that my story, "The Game" is in.

It's pretty spectacular, I think. It's due out soon.....check out their website

Friday, November 02, 2007

And another new Publisher!

And I have another new publisher. Aspen Mountain Press will be publishing a story called "The Game". The story is inspired by Chanukah and the theme is freedom -- sexual freedom. Four friends stranded together in a cabin in upstate New York learn more than they'd ever expect about themselves and each other.
I am so pleased to join this wonderful e-publisher!