Sunday, December 25, 2005

Lady Luck - R rated

Here's a story I wrote awhile back. Enjoy!

Lady Luck

He couldn’t figure it out.
He had been watching her for more than two nights now and still couldn’t figure out how she was doing it, how she was winning. She flitted from game to game, trying them all -- roulette, blackjack, poker, dice. You name it and she had tried it. And won. Every time.
And walked away from each game each night after winning a sizeable amount of money.
The only way he could figure it out was by getting close to her. Very close.
And tonight was the night.
Tony Banners, dressed to the nines in a rented tuxedo that somehow on him looked tailor-made, drew near the beautiful blonde with the calm demeanor and the mesmerizing green eyes. She stood alone at the roulette table, an island of serenity amid the noise and frazzled nerves of the crowd. She wore a simple black sheath with spaghetti straps. Cut straight across the chest, it only hinted at the beautiful breasts hidden beneath the velvet. A filmy, silver shawl had slipped from her shoulders and was held captive by her slim, curved arms. When she twisted around to accept a bubbling glass of champagne from a waiter, he saw that the dress plunged to the dimples in her lush buttocks. She turned back to the roulette wheel and placed her bet.
“Number 13, black.”
Tony did the same. By copying her bets he had acquired a sizable amount of cash in the hotel safe.
But it was not enough.
Now he wanted more than just the money. He wanted her. It would, as they say, kill two birds with one stone. Once she was his, her uncanny luck would also be his.
It was time.
The wheel spun, blurring the numbers and colors until finally it slowed down. All eyes watched as the small metal ball skipped and jumped around and around. At last, it rested. On number 13, black. Tony had had no doubt that it would. Now to make his move.
“You’re Lady Luck, right?” He asked in a voice that had charmed both women and men to do whatever he requested.
Startled, the elegant fair-haired female gazed at him. “Lady Luck? Were you speaking to me?”
Her voice was whiskey soft with an accent he couldn’t quite place.
He nodded. “Yes, yes I was. It’s obvious that you’re Lady Luck. You win all the time.”
Gay, unaffected laughter bubbled from her mouth. Her hand briefly rested on his arm as she giggled like a schoolgirl. Stifling the last of her mirth, she responded to his non-too-subtle overture. “I don’t win all the time, Mr.?”
“Banners. Anthony Banners. Please call me Tony.” He shook his head. “You’re wrong. I couldn’t help but notice that you never lose. Every game you played, you won.”
“You’ve been watching me?” Her perfectly plucked brows arched up in astonishment.
“Yes. And I’ve been unable to tell if you’re cheating. Besides, you have much too honest a face. So...Lady Luck.”
He took her slim hand and bowed over it gracefully, bringing it to his lips and kissing it, his mouth lingering, his tongue impudently darting out to lick her pearly-white skin. He could feel her tremble as he held her fingers longer than appropriate. He straightened up, but retained her slim fingers in his hand.
“There are some things that I don’t win, Mr. Banners.” With a shy show of reluctance, she withdrew her hand and tucked it behind her back.
He cocked his head. “Tony, please. And what have you lost?”
“My heart. Over and over again. And still I continue to play for the highest stakes.” Her voice was almost inaudible in the noisy Las Vegas casino.
“Perhaps you haven’t been playing with the correct partner. Perhaps you just need to try your luck with someone new.”
Once more he took her hand, but this time he gently sucked each finger. His eyes caught hers as he brought her palm to his mouth and licked her lifeline like a playful kitten laps the sweetest cream. She shuddered once more.
“Come on, sweetheart. Come play with me.”
Without a word, she gathered up her winnings, shoving them into her black clutch purse. With the ease of long experience, he took in the fact that the purse was filled with chips. He plucked up her shawl that had slipped to the floor and draped it over her shoulders. With great care, he caressed the smooth skin. Still silent, he followed her out of the casino and into the elevator to the hotel’s rooms.
As soon as the door closed, leaving them alone in the lift, he spun her around, knelt behind her and kissed the sweet flesh at the base of her spine. Inch by inch, he licked his way up her back, ending at her vulnerable nape. Her sharp intake of breath revealed his effect on her.
“Your name, darling. What’s your name?” He whispered his question in her ear, nipped at her ear lobe and kissed the jointure of her neck and shoulder.
“Bonnie. Bonnie Chance”
“A beautiful name. A perfect name”
The keycard smoothly opened the door to the penthouse suite where she was staying. He cast a casual look at the expensive clothes that lay strewn on the chaise lounge. A full bar covered one mirrored wall with bottles of the finest liquors and wine lined up on top of it. A large basket of fruit sat on the round table near the entryway of the room. Scooping up an apple, he bit into the firm juicy flesh. Already he could picture biting into her sweet flesh. He watched her unclasp her earrings.
“Where are you from, honey?”
“Oh, here and there. And you?” Laughter lit up her eyes and spilled over.
“There and here.” He laughed back.
“I’m surprised I haven’t run into you before this.”
“Bad luck.” He smiled. “And my luck is obviously turning.”
She kicked off her shoes and glided closer to him. In her stocking feet she barely reached his shoulder. She was small but perfectly formed. His hands itched to undress her and feel her hot silky skin next to his.
“Are you comfortable, Tony? You look a bit hot in that jacket.”
He nodded and shrugged out of his coat, letting it drop on the floor. He loosened his tie and slipped it off; it tumbled on top of the jacket. “You’re right. It is hot. And babe, I am hot, hot for you." He moved in front of her, his hands hovering near her smooth, white shoulders. "Tell me, are you hot, too?"
She looked up at him, her gaze locking with his. “I think so. I think it is all together too hot in this room. How can we take care of this situation?” She stepped even closer to him and fingered his crisp linen shirt. “Shall we turn up the air-conditioner?”
“I know a better way to get comfortable.” He reached around her and slid down the zipper of her dress. Pushing the straps off her shoulders, he revealed the lush breasts hidden by the velvet material. Her nipples puckered up, offering themselves to his mouth. Bending down, he took one cherry ripe nub between his lips and suckled greedily. She moaned and grabbed onto his shoulders to keep from falling.
“Sweet. So sweet.”
“Wait,” she ordered. “Your shirt. Take it off.”
In his haste to comply, he almost tore off the buttons. The need to feel her skin next to his intensified and soon he had stripped off his pants and briefs. His erection was enormous.
With a supple movement of her hips, her dress fell to the floor. She wore only a black garter belt and thigh-high black stockings. She bent over as if about to remove the garter.
“Stop. Sit down on the bed. Let me do it.” His strident tones revealed a tension he could hardly restrain.
She sat at the edge of the bed and Tony knelt between her shapely legs. Her thatch was as golden as the hair on her head. He pressed his face between her thighs and inhaled her arousal. He unhooked her stockings, one by one. With a seductive slowness, he rolled them down her legs. His lips and tongue followed the erotic path. As each stocking fell to the floor, he drew her foot into his mouth and lapped at her polished toes. Soon she was naked, her legs spread wide enough for him to fondle her. She was wet and hot for him. He grinned; she was so very hot for him.
With a slight push, she fell back onto the mattress. He straddled her, his rod nudging the entrance to her woman’s core.
“Open your eyes, sweetheart and look at me. I feel lucky.” He smiled down at her. “I feel you.”
“And am I your lucky piece?” She reached up to caress his lean cheek.
“Absolutely. You most certainly piece, my lucky piece. Now, no more talking. Look at me, babe, come with me.”
With that, he plunged into her hot, slick sheath. Over and over he thrust into her, now fast, now slow. Again and again, he brought them close to ecstasy, until she was begging for release.
She gripped his shoulders, her nails biting into his skin. “Ah, Tony, love me. Love me now!”
One more surge brought them to the heights. Tony let out a triumphant shout as he felt Bonnie lose control.
She was his now.
Gathering her limp body in his embrace, he kissed her bruised lips and urged her to sleep.
Tomorrow they would go to work.
* * * * *
“Beautiful, Bonnie. You look like a queen in that dress.”
She spun around from her reflection in the mirror. The gold satin gown clung lovingly to every inch. The neckline was high with a standing collar. Golden gloves covered her slim arms from wrist to above the elbow. When she turned around, however, that enticing back was revealed. It made his blood leap when he looked at the sweet line of her spine.
To think, this creature was his, Tony exulted. Smiling, he remembered how he had woken up that morning. Bonnie held his sleeping cock in her mouth, her hands caressing his balls. Soon his entire body came awake. She sat astride him and rode him until he bucked like an untried stallion. The morning ended in the shower. As the water cascaded over them, Tony once more brought them pleasure.
“Do you love me, Tony?” Her abrupt question broke his reverie.
“Of course, babe. Who couldn’t love you?”
For a moment, a shadow passed over her face. “Many men.”
“Then they were fools. Tony Banners is no fool. Come on, let’s play.”
She stood in silence as the elevator brought them to the casino floor.
“What shall we play, darling?” He gazed around the smoke filled room. His eyes darted here and there, examining the different playing fields.
She shrugged with indifference. “You choose, Tony.”
The dealer laid the cards in front of him. A ten and a three. Thirteen. Tony turned to Bonnie. “Should I stand pat or try for another card, babe?”
She nodded.
He nodded at the dealer. “Hit me.”
The dealer peeled off another card. “Another card for the lucky man.”
A Queen of hearts. Tony stared riveted to the betraying bitch.
“Twenty three. House wins with nineteen. Place your bets.”
Tony watched with disbelief as the chips were scooped away.
He had lost.
She had lost. Perhaps she was ill.
“Bonnie, are you feeling well?”
“I feel fine, Tony.” But her eyes were sad.
“Come. Let’s try the roulette wheel.”
“Fourteen red.” The croupier gathered up the stack of chips Tony had placed on thirteen black.
Tony shook his head and ran shaky fingers through his curly black hair. “Bonnie?”
At this point in time, he felt hurt more than anything.
“I thought it would win.” She shrugged.
The sweat of desperation trickled down his brow. One more game. They would try one more game. The craps table offered him one last chance.
“Snake eyes.”
They left the casino. In silence, they rode up in the elevator. In silence, he opened the hotel room door.
He had no money left. He had brought only his own cash to the casino tonight, figuring that it would be more than enough to play with. Now he had nothing. Zilch. He turned, his eyes accusing her.
“What the hell is going on?”
“Do you love me, Tony? If I had no money and could not win any more money, would you love me, Tony?” Her voice cracked in the quietude of the room.
“What are you saying? You win. You always win. Except tonight. Why?” He gripped her arms so tightly he knew there would be marks. Gaining control, he released her. “What happened in the casino?”
She moved over to the window and rubbed her arms. She stared unseeing through the tinted glass. “Have you heard the expression ‘lucky in cards, unlucky in love’?”
She turned back to him. “Perhaps if you had, you would have been better prepared. If you want me, if you love me, you can have me. But you can’t have luck. It’s one or the other. Choose.” Her voice had gained the strength of steel.
Tony stood unmoving. He looked at the beautiful vision before him. “You. I choose you.”
She smiled with delight. “Ah, Tony!”
* * * * *
The room was dark. Quietly, so as not to wake her, Tony slipped from the queen-sized bed. Bonnie’s face was turned away from him. He had given her the best fucking of his life. He felt he owed her at least that. Holding his shoes in his hands, he tiptoed over to where her purse lay on the bureau. The chips she had won from the night before were still there. With a regretful shrug, he emptied them into his shaving kit. He took them all. Once he left, her luck would surely return. She would regain her money. He sighed with regret. The life he had chosen to live held no room for love, he knew that now. But at least he could give her back her luck. Perhaps one day she would find someone who had no need of money. Someone who could love her for herself. He couldn’t afford to do so. He opened the door to the hall.
“So long, Lady Luck.”
The door swung closed behind him.
Bonnie’s eyes opened wide. He had left. She had hoped he would stay. If only he had, she mourned, he would have found out that the choice was just a test. He could have had it all. He could have had luck. He could have had “Bonne Chance”.
And he could have had love.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Four Star Review for "Sapphire Flames"!

Four Star Review for Sapphire Flames from JERR
Title: Sapphire Flames
Author: Jeanne Barrack
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-59632-179-2
Reviewer: Joy Harrington
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: O
When Prince Loran comes to Mariess to search for the last part of the Book of Tocson, he discovers Princess Talea’s dire secret and growing feelings for her. He has no mage powers and, as a youngest son, no kingdom to offer her. Still he vows to keep her safe from the evil mage and those that would harm her for her secret. When Talea accidentally exposes her secret to the wrong people, Loran’s brothers and their new soul mates are called in to help.
This story is a very complex and ambitious one. It has many of the elements in sci-fi/fantasy epics—hidden abilities, a quest for sacred objects, multiple story arcs happening simultaneously and truly evil villains. At well over 200 pages, this third installment in the Hearthome series brings the previous heroes and heroines from the first two books back for encore performances. The interaction and dialogue between all the couples was great. ... If you like lots of hot sex scenes, this is the right book for you. Just about everyone hops into bed at one point or another, even the villains. ... In the end, there were still a couple of loose strings in this romantic epic, including Talea’s big secret. I can’t help but wonder if there might not be a fourth installment. If so, count me in!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Something to make me feel better

Here's a pic of my favorite actor. A sweetie and so hot!!

This is the pic that inspired the hero in my Regency vampire story.


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Well, I spent a total of 2 and one half hours cleaning my steep, six-car length driveway of ice yesterday and today. My dh is disabled and so I'm the one who must do things like this. We live on a cul de sac type of street. Not a development, just about five houses in sight of each other. There I am, an overweight over 50 lady chopping, shoveling, panting and puffing and not one person said, "Do you need help?" Not even a "Hey, lady, pretty impressive."
Now I know why Good Samaritan stories get so much attention!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


I've found out something - when I'm stressed out I can not write!
I tried and it's not writer's block. I have the scenes in my head, dialogue, the whole enchilada, but I find myself falling asleep or just staring into space.
We were iced in the last few days. We have this steep drive and it was totally encased in ice. I was ticked. Felt like a prisoner.
Thanks be, I was able to get the drive cleared so we can get out. But instead of taking advantage of this enforced confinement I did other stuff. Important to my career path and my music consulting, but still not writing.
Got a deadline. No more dorking around.

Font Test and Color

Well, this is an experiment with font and color. This font is Verdana This font is trebuchet
This is Lucinda Grande
Those were webdings lower case, numbers and upper case

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What's New?

I'm really excited! I joined a wonderful group of authors. We're going to become involved with Writerspace and that is truly a huge step! Fifteen of us and such a talented group - not only as writers, but as creative people!
Lordy, you'd never think I could write a coherent sentence from this post!
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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Richard Cerqueira

I hope this picture of Richard Cerqueira, muy caliente Romance Cover model, comes out.

When the newsletter is up and running, Richard's interview will be posted.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Sapphire Flames Cover

Here's the cover for Sapphire Flames - I hope WOW! It worked! And here's a link to read an excerpt. and a link to the page to see all three books in the trilogy: "Silver Fire"; "Amber Inferno" and "Sapphire Flames".
Take a look!

Fan the Flames Contest!

Fan the Flames Contest!

In honor of “Sapphire Flames”, the third book in my erotic paranormal trilogy, I’m hosting a contest to offer a $10 Loose Id Gift Certificate. Find the excerpt link for “Sapphire Flames” on my website, then answer the following questions.
1. What is the full name of Lady Fardretha?
2. What is the name of the flower described in the excerpt?
3. What is the last thing Tokar does?
Send the answers to to be entered in the drawing. The winner will be announced at the Author Day at the Loose Id Community loop on December 18th