Saturday, June 03, 2006

And the Reviews keep rolling in

Got another review for A Song of the Sidhe from Erotic Escapades - Four Tattoos! Here's what Megan had to say about it: I was absolutely enthralled from the beginning to the end of A Song of the Sidhe. Magic, love and adventure wound together in a beautiful fantasy world which held me so fascinated that there was no putting this book down for me. If you like a book full of hot sex, and lots of it, the soft-core bondage combined with a silky seduction of your senses is guaranteed to keep your breath short and your panties wet. I loved watching Ceoleen and Donal go from vain arrogant people, with little care for others feelings, to kind considerate people who only wanted to make each other happy. The journey was not easy for either of them as they had reasonable fears concerning trust to work through and a lesson to teach each other about judging people with your heart and not your eyes or ears. With a bad guy you love to loathe and a couple so sympathetic your heart will hurt for them A Song of the Sidhe is a real winner to me and I will watch for more of Ms. Barrack's books in the future.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Latest News - Kudos and Contests!

My birthday was on May 25th and it seems the party's still going on!
A new review for A Song of the Sidhe from FAR - FIVE Angels! Here's a snippet of the review from Michelle: [The] Song of the Sidhe by Jeanne Barrack is an amazing and richly-woven tale of pride, passion, and the pettiness of the gods. This is a story of the power of love and of seeing with the eyes of the heart. Ms. Barrack expertly brings readers to a fever pitch with this passionate chronicle of two lovers learning themselves and overcoming their faults. The characters are lively and struck a chord with this reader, while the settings, from green forest glade to the shining courts of the fey, are lush and breathtaking. There are dominance games here and some voyeurism that add a sensual layer to this tale’s telling, and the sex here is served up smoking hot! [The] Song of the Sidhe is an emotional, heartfelt and terrific story that you’ll not want to miss! Five Angels!

Then, my upcoming release, No One Else on Earth, was chosen as one of the featured erotic romance books by The Road to Romance: The books are chosen based on hype, previous interest in releases by the author, originality of topic and general interest.

And we have a winner for my Night Whispers Authors May Contest for the $5 Loose Id Gift Certificate - Michael H.