Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Five Star Review from JERR

I am so thrilled to announce that Patrice Storie of Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave "The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon" five stars and had this to say:
The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon is an amazing adventure with an even more amazing love story woven through it. Abby Foster is a likable, enterprising heroine who can’t help falling for the handsome Antonio d’Este. Antonio has a lot going for him. He’s sexy, honorable to friends and employees and wonderful with his daughter. Lucy is a delightful child who adds depth to the story. Several suspenseful twists keep you involved and make the pace fly. The love scenes between Abby and Antonio are varied and steamy. They may have fallen for each other rather quickly but there are several plausible explanations, whether it’s magic or destiny at work. The historical references to Lucrezia Borgia and her husband really make this story unique and are so well done I felt there were two sets of heroes! If you enjoy a wildly romantic adventure with a supernatural twist, The Crystal Flacon is an excellent, highly entertaining choice.
Thanks, Patrice!