Monday, April 10, 2006

First Review for A SONG OF THE SIDHE

Four and a half stars from Ecataromance!
I am so thrilled with this review from Ecataromance of "Song". This book sprang from my love of all things Irish and Irish music in particular, so I am so pleased with it.
Here's a snippet from the review.

"In many ways, A Song of the Sidhe is a story not only of love but also a story of looking beyond physical appearances to see the person underneath. Donal was afraid of what Ceoleen would think if she truly saw him while Ceoleen still craved acceptance and could not trust as yet. Another beautiful, emotional story, A Song of the Sidhe, proves once again that Jeanne Barrack is a master story teller." Reviewed by Elise

Here's the rest of the review

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AliceAnderson said...

Aww, great review Jeanne. And I'm not just saying that b/c it's an ecata review. LOL Why don't you drop by the catanetwork-readers loop and tell us more about the book. Did you do much research? I can totally get wrapped up in talk about Ireland. :)