Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon - R-rated Excerpt

In the Grand Tour post, I mentioned the delicious piadina bread. Here's an excerpt from the story where Abby and Antonio take full advantage of the tasty delights of piadina!
(edited) EXCERPT:
"Come, bella, are you hungry? We can raid the kitchen.”
Abby giggled. They had barely entered the foyer when Antonio’s stomach rumbled so loudly it echoed in the immense room.
“Even if I weren’t hungry, how could I say no to your tummy’s demands?”
They pilfered the contents of Renata’s pantry, giggling like children. Leftover piadina was heated up and dipped in olive oil. The dripping oil was sucked off seeking fingers as Abby wound up seated on Antonio’s lap. The designer clothes lay on the floor while he smeared her breasts with the fragrant olive oil, suckling her glistening nipples. The slice of bread slipped from her limp hand and her head fell back as he slid his fingers between her swollen folds. She would have tumbled from his lap if he hadn’t supported her.
With a groan, she drew back, her voice breathy as she begged him to either stop or finish her off.
* * * *
“Oh, bella, ti amo.”
He cupped her face in his hands and drew her lips closer. Slowly, he nudged them open and dipped his tongue within her mouth.
She sighed and melted against him. Her arms went around him so tightly she could feel his heart beat. Her nipples puckered and she grew damp. “Take me to bed. Make love to me.”
He brought her to his room, laid her on the bed and joined her there. For a while he just held her, whispering love words in her ear. Soon, the words grew more impassioned as he described what he wanted to do to her, with her. Then the words gave way to action and there was no more need for words. Sighs, gasps and groans were the only audible sounds.
And when they came, cries of joy.
* * * *

Visit at for a longer R- rated excerpt from
The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon

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OH I'm gonna go to your site and read a longer excerpt!!! I can't wait to read this one!