Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Review for The Sweet Flag!

I am so pleased to receive the first review from Elisa Rolle: My Reviews and Ramblings. Elisa is a reader from Italy and often reviews m/m books, so I'm happy she enjoyed Brandon and Ron's story!
Here's a snippet from the review:

"The book is written if first point of view and follows Brandon's thoughts. Like Brandon, also Ron seems to be a very "easy" man regarding sex, and so their relationship is from the start down and dirty. Ron has not a simple behavior, he sometime acts like a domineering man, and wants to be the Alpha of the moment, and soon after he seems to need the strenght and the reassurance of Brandon. Brandon instead is simpler, he has his scope in mind and he will do anything to reach it.
The story is not very long, little more than 100 pages, but it flows smoothly and enjoyable....But one of the strenght of the book is also to have perfectly mixed present and past, making enjoyable both stories."

Thanks, Elisa!

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