Sunday, June 01, 2008

Five Hearts from TRS for "The Sweet Flag"!

Hi guys, I just had to share my first formal review for "The Sweet Flag" from The Romance Studio's Dee Dailey:

"Ms. Barrack has written an exceptional story about gay romance with many historical tidbits thrown in... The story of the two sets of lovers is interwoven well with only a few subtle hints about what might be to come... As Ron tells the tale that he says he learned from the lovers' diaries it's easy to get our emotions involved.

The rejections, the abuses finally overpowered by love are superbly told. The dialogue, the explicit sex, the tale within a tale are all believable and draw us closer to the players. When Brandon finally confronts reality with Ron their actions and the completion of the story make perfect sense...

The author does such a great job of giving hints that only fans of paranormal romance will pick up on along the way. The ending is even better as the reality of the couples takes the story to whole new heights."

Overall rating: YYYYY

All I can say is, I'm still giddy! Thanks, Dee!

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