Friday, June 06, 2008

New Review for Babes in Toyland II

So nice to learm that the Babes in Toyland II anthology received 4.5 tombstones from Bittenbybooks
Babes in Toyland is a series of short stories, most of which take place around Christmastime. Each of the authors has contributed some excellent short stories to the anthology. Its ranged from Santa Claus to fey. There were some mysteries, some paranormal, a story even took place back in the days of the Israelites. This book definitely covered a wide spectrum of paranormal stories. And of course, was the ever present romantic theme. I wouldn’t recommend this book for young eyes though. There are some heavy romance scenes in the book.
I rarely read anthologies because of the short story aspect, but I found myself hungering for more at the end of each story. I liked it because it introduced me to the writings of a few new authors that I may not have found otherwise. So, if you’re looking for some light reading as a break from the normal heavy novel, then this book is definitely for you. Most anthologies only contain 4 or 5 stories, this one is definitely worth your money with 8 authors and different stories!

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